Monday, 14 December 2009


Slave For You.

Supplies Needed...

Tube of choice....I have used one by Jamie Kidd which you can purchase HERE

Mask is no256 by WSL thanks Chelle HERE

Frame of choice....I have used one my new design CU4CU frames which you can purchase HERE


Eyecandy Impact.



Font of choice.... I have used Bebas.

Metal Stud made by me HERE

Open a new transparent image 600x600

Layers/new raster layer/flodd fill black.

Layers/new raster layer/flood fill white.

Find your mask/duplicate/close he original.

On your main image/layers/new mask layer from image

Find your mask in the little drop down/invert mask data checked/ok.

Layers/merge group.

Find your frame/if you are using the same as me duplicate/close the original/resize 50% twice/90%/edit/copy.

Edit/paste your frame onto your main image and postion.

With your magic wand click inside your frame and also inside the chain links and just below the chain/selections/modify/expand by 8

Layers/new raster layer/set your foreground to black-background #880200

Click on gradients and find the foreground.

Flood fill your frame selection with the gradient/select none.

Move below your frame.

Effects/plugins/xero-soft vignette...






Find your tube/duplicate/close the original/edit/copy.

Edit/paste your tube onto your frame and position.

On your layers palette highlight your frame/layers/duplicate.

Move your duplicate frame layer to the top so it covers your tube.

With your eraser gently remove parts of the frame so your tube appears to be coming out of your frame.

On your layers palette hide your bottom three layers/highlight an open layer/layers/merge visible/unhide the closed layers.

Find the metal stud/duplicate/close the original/edit/copy.

Edit/paste under the top left corner of your frame/layers/duplicate/image mirror/layers/duplicate/image flip/layers/duplicate/image mirror.

On your layers palette/close off all the layers except for the four studs/highlight one of the stud layers/layers/merge visble.

I added a slight gradient glow to the frame layer and the stud layer.

Drop shadow with your own preference.

Unhide the closed the layers.

Back on your layers palette click the bottom layer.


Add your words (see mine) and a slight gradient glow to them and drop shadow.

Add your copyright and licence.

Layers/merge all.

Save as Jpeg or PNG.

Thankyou for trying my tutorial and please free to send me your results.

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